Description Picture Price ($USD) Catalog # Manufacturer Mgfr Date Country of Mgfr # of Pieces Material Size Factor Condition Item #
US Marine Corps
$55 7303 Britains 1985 England 10 metal 54 mm NIB B-1
Hand Painted Metal Models  
U.S. & U.S.M.C. Standard Bearers  
with Sergeant and 7 Marines marching  
Deetail Metal Based Models
    7456 Britains 1980 England 7 metal & plastic 1:32ND  NIB B-2
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth with  
    7219 Britains 1986 England 8 metal & plastic 1:32ND NIB B-3
Horseguard Standard Bearer,  
Trumpeter, Farrier and Scots Guards Officer,   
and 3 Marching Scots Guards  
Hand Painted Metal Models  
U.S. Army Colour Party
  $24.50 7306 Britains 1986 England 4 metal & plastic 1:32ND NIB B-4
Hand Painted Metal Models  
    7227 Britains 1982 England 6 metal   NIB B-5
British Regiments  
Hand Painted Metal Models  
3 Lifeguards, 3 Horseguards  
Britains New Metal Models
    7225 Britains Ltd   England 6 metal   NIB B-6
Traditional Models in Solid metal  
with Plastic Accessories  
Britains Metal Models
    7239 Britains 1982 England 6 metal   NIB B-7
Hand Painted  
Gordon Highlander Officer  
Piper and 5 Men  
Britains Ltd
    5154 Britains 1976 England 6     NIB B-8
American Infantry  
War of Independence  
Bi-Centennial Anniversary  
Limited Edition  
    7302 Britains 1982 England 6 metal   NIB B-9
Metal Models  
Hand Painted  
1 US Marines Sergeant  
5 US Marines Marching  
Britains Ltd
    5184 Britains Ltd   England 6 metal   NIB B-10
Special 1984 Limited Issue  
The Life Guards of the Household Cavalry  
Box 1574 of 7000 Manufactured  
    5289 Britain   England 10     NIB B-11
The Royal Marines  
1955 Tercenterary Celebration  
of the British Colony of Jamaica  
Set 1977 of 7000  
5191 Britain England 10 NIB B-12
The Royal Welch Fusiliers  
Formed 3 Centuries Ago,   
The 23rd of Foot Are Oldest  
Infantry Regiment of Wales  
Set 367 of 6000  
    5391 Britain   England 10     NIB B-13
The U.S. Army Band  
of Washington D.C.  
"Pershings Own"  
in the famous 1954 "Yellow Jackets"  
Set 902 of 5000